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Dais Members

Dais members have been assigned! Check out the daises down below and then go to the committee page to learn more about your Chairs and Crisis Directors as well as the committees themselves:

(GA) International Olympic Committee: Planning of the 2020 Summer Olympics

Chair: Sade Nixon

Vice-Chair: Julia Nicolls

Rapporteur: Jared Schlachet

(GA) US Senate: The Hollywood Blacklist and Sputnik

Chair: Emma Reed

Vice-Chair: MaryBeth Ammari

Rapporteur: Maƫlle Quartetti

(GA) World Health Organization: Consequences of Smoking and Climate Change

Chair: Chrissie Mones

Vice-Chair: George Schmidt

Rapporteur: Tim Dziekan

(Crisis) Silicon Valley Board of Directors

Chair: Elena Soisson

Vice Chair: Michael Brown

Rapporteur: Jungin Kim

Crisis Director: Stephen Hoffman

Crisis Staff: Sarah Bryant, Lucinda Smith, Meghana Kundula, Matheus Bueno, Maddy Fetter

(Crisis) Mary, Queen of Scots

Chair: Efrain Vallejo

Vice-Chair: Katie Watts

Rapporteur: Allison Wrubel

Crisis Director: James Tracey

Crisis Staff: Savina Savova, Morgan Huber, Sarah Kenney, Devin Smith

(Crisis) Brothers Grimm

Chair: John Ruela

Vice-Chair: Jarrett Dang

Rapporteur: Kacie Wright

Crisis Director: Sebastian Kopec

Crisis Staff: Jake Halderson, Ciana Vrtikapa, Cooper Tennant, Marco Souza