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General Assembly Committees

SHUMUN prides itself on engaging and diverse General Assembly topics that keep debate interesting and educational. The bread and butter of Model UN, GA committees feature in-depth knowledge of country policy, strong debate, and diplomatic compromise through resolutions.

General Assembly Committees for SHUMUN XXII have been decided! This year’s GA Committees will be:

World Health Organization: Health Consequences of Smoking & Air Pollution and Climate Change – Chaired by Julia Nicholls and Vice-Chaired by Mary Tiffin

In 2018, the World Health Organization published trends in tobacco consumption around the world, as well as a projection of future tobacco consumption trends. The effects of consuming tobacco are responsible for 6 million deaths each year, as well as numerous chronic illnesses. 91% of the world’s population lives in conditions with air quality well below the standards of WHO, and 4.2 million people die each year as a result of poor ambient air quality (WHO). Climate change also poses massive threats to the health of the global population. The committee must address the effects of smoking as it pertains to loss of life, costs of healthcare systems, air pollution, and climate change. 

International Criminal Court: The Trial of Kim Jong-Un – Chaired by Meg Kundula and Vice-Chaired by Shweta Parthasarathy

All rise! This court is now in session. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un will be prosecuted under the established doctrine of “command responsibility” for the crimes against humanity committed in North Korean political prisons. The North Korean leader is facing charges for ten of the eleven crimes against humanity specified in the Rome Statute. Balancing the accusations of the prosecution and the denial of the defense, it falls upon the Court to investigate the legitimacy of the charges and decide the response of the international community. The world is watching as you, the honorable judges of the International Criminal Court, preside over the trial determining not only the reach of the Court, but international law and human rights.

US Senate: Committee of Oversight on The Hollywood Blacklist and the Space Race – Chaired by Shannon Moran and Vice-Chaired by Kiara McGaughey

The year is 1958 and the United States of America is facing threats both domestic and abroad. The plague of communism is threatening American society through a new means–Hollywood. More and more actors are being accused of having affiliations or sympathies with communist parties, leading to what some have dubbed the Hollywood Black List. However, the backlash is mounting with some actors saying their constitutional rights have been violated and that the government is going too far. Keeping in mind the growing domestic presence of communism, the Senate also has to respond to the recent audacity of the Soviet Union. Those Soviets somehow launched a satellite called Sputnik without anyone knowing! Communism does not belong in the U.S. nor outer space. The Senate must use its powers to determine a path forward in all this hullabaloo. I look forward to hearing your recommendations.

For a blast to the past, take a look at previous SHUMUN GA committees (these topics will not be at SHUMUN XXII):

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  • UNESCO: Perilous Journalism and The Uighur Crisis (SHUMUN XX)
  • DISEC: SALW Disarmament in the Middle East and Biological & Chemical Warfare (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNODC: Hostages & Kidnapping in Piracy and Human Trafficking (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNHRC: Myanmar Ethnic Cleansing and Anti-Gay Acts in Chechnya (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNODC: The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes and Drug Trafficking (SHUMUN XVIII)
  • UNESCO: Meiji-era Islands and Post-Conflict Educational and Cultural Rebuilding in Syria (SHUMUN XVIII)
  • DISEC: DPRK Missile Testing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Concerns (SHUMUN XVIII)