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General Assembly Committees

SHUMUN prides itself on engaging and diverse General Assembly topics that keep debate interesting and educational. The bread and butter of Model UN, GA committees feature in-depth knowledge of country policy, strong debate, and diplomatic compromise through resolutions.

General Assembly Committees for SHUMUN XXI have been decided! Take a look at them by clicking the links below:

International Olympic Committee: Planning of the 2020 Summer Olympics

US Senate: The Hollywood Blacklist and Sputnik

World Health Organization: Consequences of Smoking and Climate Change

For a blast to the past, take a look at previous SHUMUN GA committees (these topics will not be at SHUMUN XXI):

  • NATO Summit: Ukraine War Crisis and NATO Funding Disputes (SHUMUN XX)
  • COP21: Sources of Carbon Emissions and Sustainable Solutions (SHUMUN XX)
  • UNESCO: Perilous Journalism and The Uighur Crisis (SHUMUN XX)
  • DISEC: SALW Disarmament in the Middle East and Biological & Chemical Warfare (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNODC: Hostages & Kidnapping in Piracy and Human Trafficking (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNHRC: Myanmar Ethnic Cleansing and Anti-Gay Acts in Chechnya (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNODC: The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes and Drug Trafficking (SHUMUN XVIII)
  • UNESCO: Meiji-era Islands and Post-Conflict Educational and Cultural Rebuilding in Syria (SHUMUN XVIII)
  • DISEC: DPRK Missile Testing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Concerns (SHUMUN XVIII)