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General Assembly Committees

SHUMUN prides itself on engaging and diverse General Assembly topics that keep debate interesting and educational. The bread and butter of Model UN, GA committees feature in-depth knowledge of country policy, strong debate, and diplomatic compromise through resolutions.

General Assembly Committees for SHUMUN XXII have been decided! This year’s GA Committees will be:

AUSTRALIA WILDFIRES– Chaired by Julia Nicholls and Vice-Chaired by Mary Tiffin

The Australian Cabinet takes place in 2019 as wildfires begin to erupt across the nation. The country’s leaders will have to mitigate the issue will addressing long term solutions, or else it could blow up in flames literally and figuratively. Time will continue to move in this Specialized and delegates must be prepared to cope with new issues and problems as they arise.

THE TRIAL OF KIM JUNG UN– Chaired by Meg Kundula and Vice-Chaired by Shweta Parthasarathy

All rise! This court is now in session. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un will be prosecuted under the established doctrine of “command responsibility” for the crimes against humanity committed in North Korean political prisons. The North Korean leader is facing charges for ten of the eleven crimes against humanity specified in the Rome Statute. Balancing the accusations of the prosecution and the denial of the defense, it falls upon the Court to investigate the legitimacy of the charges and decide the response of the international community. The world is watching as you, the honorable judges of the International Criminal Court, preside over the trial determining not only the reach of the Court, but international law and human rights.

MODERN DAY UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS– Chaired by Shannon Moran and Vice-Chaired by Kiara McGaughey

The Committee on rewriting on Universal Declaration of Human Rights is to analyze how the seemingly most well intended documents can get things wrong, and whether or not important documents, such as the UDHR, should be living documents. The main topic for this committee is tackling the ways the UDHR may favors western ideology or areas that it should be expanded to be more inclusive or cover more modern topics. As always, we will be discussing complicated and difficult subjects to please be respectful of all ideas. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a document that was written over 70 years ago so the purpose of this committee is to debate, update and rewrite this groundbreaking document.

For a blast to the past, take a look at previous SHUMUN GA committees (these topics will not be at SHUMUN XXII):

  • IOC: Planning of the 2020 Summer Olympics (SHUMUN XXI)
  • US Senate: The Hollywood Blacklist and Sputnik (SHUMUN XXI)
  • WHO: Consequences of Smoking and Climate Change (SHUMUN XXI)
  • NATO Summit: Ukraine War Crisis and NATO Funding Disputes (SHUMUN XX)
  • COP21: Sources of Carbon Emissions and Sustainable Solutions (SHUMUN XX)
  • UNESCO: Perilous Journalism and The Uighur Crisis (SHUMUN XX)
  • DISEC: SALW Disarmament in the Middle East and Biological & Chemical Warfare (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNODC: Hostages & Kidnapping in Piracy and Human Trafficking (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNHRC: Myanmar Ethnic Cleansing and Anti-Gay Acts in Chechnya (SHUMUN XIX)
  • UNODC: The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes and Drug Trafficking (SHUMUN XVIII)
  • UNESCO: Meiji-era Islands and Post-Conflict Educational and Cultural Rebuilding in Syria (SHUMUN XVIII)
  • DISEC: DPRK Missile Testing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Concerns (SHUMUN XVIII)