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Crisis Committees

SHUMUN is proud to offer Crisis committees that are unique and engaging. Featuring fast-paced debate, creativity through crisis notes, and engaging updates, Crisis committees push delegates to think outside the box and explore all that Model UN has to offer.

Crisis Committees for SHUMUN XXIII have been decided! This year’s Crisis Committees will be:

The Justice League of America:

For the past few years, the Justice League of America has protected the world threats both internal and external which have compromised the security of planet Earth. They have thwarted multiple alien invasions, stopped the conquests of interdimensional beings, and saved countless lives from disasters. Thanks to the cooperation of the greatest men and women who have called earth their home. Unfortunately, a new threat has emerged which calls for the participation of every hero that can help. The Batman villain known as “The Riddler” broke into the Batcave earlier this week and stole multiple files. These files included the detailed contingencies created by Batman to defeat and neutralize the current and former members of the league. It is paramount that the Justice League bands together in this time of crisis and prevents this information from being known by the villains of the world, otherwise the situation will be dire.

For a blast to the past, check out this list of previous committee topics (these committees will not be featured at SHUMUN XXIII):

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