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Crisis Committees

SHUMUN is proud to offer Crisis committees that are unique and engaging. Featuring fast-paced debate, creativity through crisis notes, and engaging updates, Crisis committees push delegates to think outside the box and explore all that Model UN has to offer.

Crisis Committees for SHUMUN XXII have been decided! This year’s Crisis Committees will be:

PERCY JACKSON– Directed by Carter Bryant, Chaired by Michael Brown, and Vice-Chaired by Marcello Souza

“A half-blood of the eldest gods, shall reach sixteen against all odds, and see the world in endless sleep, the hero’s soul, cursed blade shall reap, a single choice shall end his days, Olympus to preserve or raze.” A week before the supposed end of the world, tensions at Camp-Half Blood are high, especially with the threat of a Great War looming over their heads. To prepare for this threat, the camp has brought together a group of head figures, labeled as the War council, to prepare and strategize to combat against the second Titan Army. With the Olympians busy and uncontactable and the impending doom of Kronos rising to power again, delegates must work together to prepare for war, deal with the loss of the Olympain’s help, and handle their own personal missions. Will the demi-gods win or will they fall to the Titan Lord?

AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER– Directed by Tim Dziekan and George Schmidt, Chaired by Kacie Wright, and Vice-Chaired by Morgan Huber

After 100 years of fighting, the Great War has finally ended. However, there is still much to be done. The Earth kingdom is plagued by division and bandits. The Air Nomads are all but extinct, with the Southern Water Tribe close to following in their footsteps. Even the seemingly untouched Fire Nation suffers from high levels of pollution and internal strife between those that want to maintain the old traditions and those who wish for a new beginning. The world is in shambles. The goal of this committee is to solve the many problems that face this land and attempt to rebuild the world to what it once was.

THE TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD– Directed by MaryBeth Ammari and Jake Halderson and Chaired by Kaitlyn Akroush

All aboard! With the passage of the Pacific Railway Act of 1862, the Central Pacific Railroad Company and the Union Pacific Company are attempting an engineering feat: constructing thousands of miles of railroad across America. With the tragic division of the Civil War, America’s top engineers are not only tasked with building a railroad, but uniting a nation. The death of Theodore Judah and changing hands of Union Pacific’s construction contract undermines trust in leadership and both companies will need to address their internal struggles as well as external threats to ensure the success of the railroad. As engineers, politicians, and investors you must work to address the challenges presented to building this incredible railroad: ensuring positive relationships with Native American Tribes, avoiding scandals, and ultimately connecting the East and the West. You are at the frontier of an engineering triumph so full steam ahead, delegates!

AD-HOC Directed by Stephen Hoffman and Chaired by Elena Soisson

Delegates, welcome to the Ad Hoc. This committee offers a unique challenge for experienced delegates, as participants will be forced to think on their feet, work both collaboratively and independently, and be prepared for anything to happen. While the background of this committee will be rooted in historical accuracy and delegates will represent historical figures, it’s future will be decided entirely by the choices made by committee members. This committee is certain to test each aspect of a delegate’s abilities, and we recommend placing delegates with crisis experience in this committee. 


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