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Crisis Committees

SHUMUN is proud to offer Crisis committees that are unique and engaging. Featuring fast-paced debate, creativity through crisis notes, and engaging updates, Crisis committees push delegates to think outside the box and explore all that Model UN has to offer.

Crisis committees for SHUMUN XXI have been decided! Click the committee name to learn more:

Silicon Valley Board of Directors

Mary, Queen of Scots

Brothers Grimm

For a blast to the past, check out this list of previous committee topics (these committees will not be featured at SHUMUN XXI):

  • Napoleon’s 100 Days (SHUMUN XX)
  • The Gilded Age (SHUMUN XX)
  • Operation Lava Jato: Brazilian Corruption (SHUMUN XX)
  • World War I JCC: Allied & Central Powers (SHUMUN XIX)
  • United Nations Security Council: War in Donbass and Kurdistan (SHUMUN XIX)
  • Ukrainian Conflict JCC: Vladimir Putin’s & Barack Obama’s Cabinets (SHUMUN XVIII)
  • United Nations Security Council: The South China Sea and Post-Conflict Peace Building (SHUMUN XVIII)