SHUMUN XV Registration Form

UPDATE: Registration is now open.

Please fill this form out in its entirety to assist us in processing your registration for SHUMUN XV. Upon submission, we will will promptly review your form and confirm all is in order. Then, we will provide you with further information and instructions for submitting payment. Please read the form closely, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Please note that the Add/Drop date is January 17, 2014. Changes in delegation size can be made up until this date. No changes after this date will be eligible for a refund. Refunds will only be given for the delegate fee, not the school fee.

General Information





City, State*

Delegation Information

Delegation Size*

Number of Beginner Delegates (No prior years of Model United Nations)*

Number of Intermediate Delegates (1 year of Model Untied Nations)*

Number of Advanced Delegates (2 years of Model United Nations)*

Assignment Requests
Advanced Committees: Single Delegation

Positions for the Union and Confederacy will be assigned through "Sphere of Influence" preferences, while the EU Council positions will be assigned by country choice.

Sphere of Influence Request: Union*

Sphere of Influence Request: Confederacy*

Intermediate Committees: Single Delegation

Nigerian Cabinet positions will be assigned through position preference, while AU positions will be assigned through country preference.

Nigerian Cabinet Request*

African Union Region Requests

Beginner Committees

Beginner positions will be assigned through region preferences

Region Request: DISEC: Single Delegation*

Country Request: OAS (open only to Middle School Double Delegations)*


Use the following table below to determine the conference cost for your school:

Number of Delegates


Standard Registration Fee (After 18 November, 2013)


Standard School Fee


Total Cost of Attendance

You acknowledge the following SHUMUN XV policy:
Add/Drop Deadline is January 17 (Although changes in delegation size are anticipated, a deadline is enacted to provide a final head count necessary for SHUMUN XV final preparation, such as planning, finances and assignment.)
Country/Position assignments will only be distributed upon receipt of a 25% deposit of the total fees for your delegation. Those who pay their deposit early will receive priority for assignments.

SHUMUN XV is capped at 250 delegates in order to deliver a high quality, interactive conference. Once the cap has been reached, additional requests to attend the conference will be put on the waiting list.