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Delegate Training Materials & Links

Here are some helpful materials to familiarize yourself with Model UN, General Assembly committees, and Crisis committees before conference weekend! If you have further questions, reach out to your adviser who has been provided with additional group training materials and activities.

Delegate Handbook

Coming Soon!

Training Materials:

Crisis 101

Download (PDF, 61KB)

Helpful Websites:

Best Delegate

Best Delegate is Model UN education company with training articles and a summer Model UN Institute. 


MUN01 is a new Model UN community ranging from helpful training articles to a podcast all about Model UN.*

MUN Planet

MUN Planet is a user sourced database answering MUN and International Relations questions. Utilized best by searching what you are looking for.




*Please note that MUN01 is owned and operated by two previous SHUMUN secretariat members and a former SHUMUN Secretary-General.