About Us

The SHUMUN XIX Secretariat and Staff is compromised of the very best students and leaders who are committed to making this year’s conference the best yet! We are so excited to work with delegates to make this not only a learning experience, but a weekend to be remembered! By the end of the conference, we anticipate delegates will have a better understanding of how civil conflicts past and present have redefined our world. 

Secretary General: Jenna Leis

Jenna Leis is a senior from Long Island, New York, studying Diplomacy and International Relations, with minors in Spanish and Journalism. Though SHUMUN XIX is her fourth and final instalment, Jenna has been involved with Model UN for almost eight years, including staffing Global Classrooms International Model UN program for the past three. When not preparing or staffing MUN conferences, you could find her around campus planning events with the Student Activities Board, or serving the community with her chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. Jenna is very excited to be serving as the Secretary General for SHUMUN XIX and is looking forward to having a wonderful conference with a group of talented students and amazing staff members!

Director General: Trevor West

Trevor West is a junior from Arlington Heights, Illinois. Trevor is double majoring in Diplomacy and International Relations and Modern Languages. Trevor has staffed SHUMUN for the last two years, and most notably as the USG of Logistics for SHUMUN XVIII. He has also been a very active member of Seton Hall’s competitive team and serves as their VP. Though Trevor spends a lot of his time staffing and competing with the MUN family, he likes to spend his time running, reading, and meditating. He is excited about everyone that signed up and is panning on coming to SHUMUN XIX, and it is his pleasure, from both Senior Secretariat and staff, to welcome you to SHUMUN XIX in continuing further development in all the areas that make MUN great.

Under-Secretary General of External Relations: Michelle Pérez

Michelle Pérez is currently a candidate for a Master of Arts at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University. Though she lives in New Jersey, she holds dual-citizenship in Columbia. With a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Saint Peter’s University, Michelle once served as the Under-Secretary General for Saint Peter’s HSMUN. She is the first fellow for the cohort of the Lead Hudson County internship and a student Board Member for the Alpha Sigma Nu honor society. Michelle has had the honor to serve as the Youth Representative to the UN on behalf of the International Public Policy and Saint Peter’s University.

Under-Secretary General of Committees: Kyla Stewart

Kyla Stewart is a sophomore from Orlando, Florida. She is studying Diplomacy and International Relations, along with a double major in Latin American Studies, with minors in Spanish and Non-Profit Studies. Not only did Kyla compete in high school, be she was the founder of her school’s club. Since then, Kyla has gone on to chair at SHUMUN XVIII, represented Seton Hall’s competitive MUN team, and has even managed high school MUN conferences for the United Nations Association in Orlando. Kyla spends a lot of her time with MUN, but she also enjoys spending time with her sisters in the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, playing soccer, and watching Netflix.

Under-Secretary General of Crisis Committees: Noelle Sorich

Noelle Sorich is a junior and a Diplomacy and International Relations and Modern Languages double major, with a minor in Economics. From Seattle, Washington, she is one of the founders of PACMUN, but she has gone on since to previously serve as SHUMUNs USG of Conference Services, USG of Committees, and USG of Crisis Committees this year. With 7 years of MUN experience, she’s gone on to represent Seton Hall’s competitive team at several conferences, as well as serving as the teams Secretary, VP, and now Training Coordinator. Apart from Model UN, she’s a lover of all things Parks and Rec, Hamilton, and Waffles. #MUNisFUN

Under-Secretary General of Conference Services: Kristal Corona

Kristal Corona is a senior studying Diplomacy and International Relations, with a minor in Spanish. From San Dimas, California, she loves meditating, hula hooping, and dancing. In her time at Seton Hall, Kristal has staffed SHUMUN as a conference service member, a director, and a rapporteur. Kristal’s wants to let all delegates know that as long as you enable yourself to kick butt, you’re going to do great!

Under-Secretary General of Logistics and Technology: Parker LaCourse

Parker LaCourse is a sophomore studying Diplomacy and International Relations, pursuing minors in Spanish, Public Relations, and Environmental Studies. From northern Vermont, Parker enjoys hiking and skiing. When he started at Seton Hall, he had no Model UN experience before coming to Seton Hall. Since then, Parker has represented Seton Hall’s competitive MUN team at numerous conferences, staffed SHUMUN XVIII. He likes to stay involved on campus, and is active member of the Undergraduate Diplomacy Student Association and a brother of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity. Parker hopes that he can do his part in making this the best conference that you have ever attended!

Under-Secretary General of Internal Relations: Christopher McNeil

Christopher McNeil is a junior from South Plainfield, New Jersey. Studying Diplomacy and International Relations and Economics, with a minor in Spanish, Chris has been heavily involved in Model UN at Seton Hall. Not only has Chris served as a crisis staffer and a Director for SHUMUN in past years, but he’s a strong representative of Seton Hall’s competitive MUN team. Chris is also the Historian of Seton Hall’s chapter of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, and a member of College Democrats. Chris wants to let all delegates know that they should not be afraid to go beyond boundaries when writing resolutions, directives, or crisis notes and to always ask questions if hesitant you’re on anything.