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About Us

SHUMUN XXII is a model United Nations conference for high school students with a long history of engaging simulations and enrichment of the delegates in attendance. Our conference offers both General Assembly and Crisis style simulations. Please look to our Conference Information tab to gain a better understanding of the intricacies of each style.

We seek to provide delegates with an educational and entertaining weekend acting as member-states in United Nations bodies, other multinational bodies, or as individuals in creative problem-solving crisis simulations.

Seton Hall University is a large proponent of their student body’s interest in Model United Nations and also has a competitive collegiate team, SHUNA, in addition to SHUMUN. Many Senior Secretariat and Dais members also compete with our nationally ranked team, SHUNA, and we pride ourselves on our large amounts of Model UN experience. However, we also pride ourselves on our diversity of conference staff and the ability for those of all interests and experience levels to join and participate in running our conference.