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Advisor FAQ

SHUMUN XXII is proud to bring you an all-new advisor FAQ. With this FAQ we hope to answer all your questions without the added hassle of email. We’ve compiled the most popular questions we’ve received throughout the years in order to increase the available information to advisers. If you do not see an answer to a question you have, do not hesitate to reach out to our Under-Secretary-General of External Relations, Lisi Cavelli at or through the Contact page. We promise a prompt and informative response to whatever you may need!

Please note, some questions will be marked “answer pending.” Information from last year will be provided, however some policies will not be finalized until closer to the conference date. When we have confirmation of a finalized answer, we will update the website immediately.   

What age level is this conference?

SHUMUN is a highschool conference. 

What is your add/drop policy for delegates?

This year we are implementing fees for dropping delegates after add/drop has ended. After March 1st, any reduction in delegation size will result in a $15 non-refundable fee per delegate. This is common among conferences and helps us deal with the costs incurred resulting from late-stage delegation changes.

How do I pay for SHUMUN XXII?

Payment for SHUMUN XXII is completed online. Under the ‘Registration’ Tab, there is a link to register and provide payment.

When will I receive delegate positions for my students?

Delegate positions have been sent to all advisors.

How many Advisors are we required to send with our students?

Since SHUMUN is online this year, we are requiring that each delegation has at least one advisor accompanying their students.

Are double delegations (two students representing one country) allowed?

SHUMUN does not allow double delegations for a variety of reasons. SHUMUN hopes to push all delegates to grow in their abilities individually. A difficulty of double delegations is that it increases cross-talk within the room and can allow other delegates to feel as if the double delegation has an unfair advantage. All committees are designed for single delegates. If you have a newer delegate we recommend placing them in the same committee as a more experienced delegate, however SHUMUN cannot accommodate double delegations.

Can you provide a conference schedule?

A conference schedule is posted under “Conference Schedule” which can be located by hovering over the “Conference Information” tab.

How do meals work at SHUMUN?

SHUMUN is remote this year, and as such students are going to be given time to eat lunch on their own. 

Can you send me a map of the campus?

Sure thing, you can find a copy of the campus map here.

Does SHUMUN have conference lodging?

SHUMUN does not provide conference lodging or conference discounts on local lodging. However, Seton Hall does provide a list of local lodging. Some options do provide Seton Hall discounts, please call the respective hotels for rates and discounts. The list can be found here.

Does SHUMUN provide conference transportation?

As SHUMUN does not provide lodging, it also does not provide conference transportation to and from hotels or to and from schools. SHUMUN recommends chartering a school or coach bus for local schools. For visiting schools staying at hotels, SHUMUN would recommend renting vans or using local transportation. If your school is staying in New York City, Seton Hall has close access to the South Orange train station. The school is a 15-20 minute walk from the station. For New Jersey Transit schedules click here.